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Real Quickly Sales Method

Your next-gen Real Estate Experience!


Transparency Leads to Trust

All of our homes go through a rigorous pre-inspection and appraisal process to eliminate the guesswork. Inspection reports and all legal disclosure documents are available to buyers ensuring maximum transparency.

Buyer's Agents Not Required

Save 2% off the final purchase price if you elect to purchase without a buyer agent. Buyers who do have an agent have the option to bundle the fee into the financing package

Great Rates for Serious Buyers

RealQuickly is partnered with lenders who can provide industryleading home loan options tailored to your needs to support you through closing. Our partners can close as fast as 14 days!

The Q-House Advantage for Buyers

A real estate platform for highly motivated buyers and sellers

You'll know where exactly where you stand during the buying process

Purchase your next home safely and with full transparency

Get access to all legal disclosures before you make an offer

Search for homes from sellers looking to make a deal

30 day "love it or we'll sell it for free" guarantee

​​​​​​​Sales Method

Faster Sales, Higher Prices!

Traditional home sales can drag on for months, even years. RealQuickly offers the comfort of knowing exactly when your home will sell while ensuring that you receive the top price!

Fast-Pace and Fully Transparent

RealQuickly minimizes the time it takes to sell your home, while ensuring that you receive full-market value. We market your home to a pool of motivated, pre-approved buyers. We provide a complete home inspection and appraisal along with all other legal disclosures up front.

Faster and Simplified Sales Process

RealQuickly will provide a fully inspected, pre-appraised home which allows sellers to get through all contingencies in 2 weeks or less. This helps sellers know with certainty they can pack their bags and move with confidence.

Reach Ready-to-Go Buyers

Did you know that 90% of home buyers search for a home online, and 68% find a home without the help of a buyer agent? RealQuickly actively markets to those buyers across a broad range of targeted media including Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition to traditional media and Multiple Listing Services. Simply put, we don't wait around for buyers to find your home. We find them.

100% Competitive Offer Guarantee

A competitive bidding process ensures that you will receive the top price for your home, usually within two weeks of listing the home! RealQuickly ensures you will receive a competitive offer and we back every home we sell with a 100% competitive offer guarantee.

Seller Commission as Low as 4%

The RealQuickly model cuts the traditional fee by as much as 1/3rd! Buyers are not required to have an agent, and for those who do, the fee is recorded as part of the purchase price and paid by the Buyer, maximizing the final price for sellers.

More Money at Closing

We'll sell your home quickly, which reduces long-term carrying costs, including: taxes, maintenance, insurance, mortgage costs and much more. Shorter time cycle means more money for you.

Luxury Service & Support


Professional Team

We are with you every step of the way. Every seller is partnered with a team real estate professional, including: top-producing real estate agents, leading mortgage partners, expert marketers, and a full-service support staff.

Exceptional Network

Our network of providers is aimed at helping you maximize your investment. Gain access to Colorado's top real estate vendors, including: real estate photographers, drone videographers, appraisers, plumbers, electricians, radon specialist, general contractors, movers, professional organizers, staging pros, home inspectors, roofing contractors, and many more.

Dedicated Agent

You will be teamed up with a local real estate expert that has the experience and knowledge to ensure you receive the highest price possible for your home, all while handling delicate negotiations on your behalf, and guiding you through the sometimes tricky and complicated real estate transaction process.

The Q-House Advantage for Sellers

Your property will be sold at absolute top dollar

You'll know exactly when the property will sell

Enjoy predictable and limited showings to make your life easier

Expediate inspection, appraisal, and loan contingencies

Showcase you property to a large number of pre-qualified buyer

Create competition among motivated buyers


Seller's: Robert & Eliabeth Leif

Result: A quick, streamlined transaction almost instantly made the lives of these seller's stress free. Not only did it sell for over list, but the amount saved on fees and buyer side commissions was an added bonus.

3003 E Alameda Avenue


Final Sales Price

This Cherry Creek home had been listed using traditional methods by the top agents and companies and the home failed to sell for over 4 years. The RealQuickly team provided the support needed from the conditioning, marketing, and pricing strategies to ensure success in just 26 days with an offer $225,000 over list price. We also saved them the Buyer Agent Fee since the Buyer’s bought directly from our team.

421 East Street & 533 East Street


Final Sales Price

The property was being sold for development and for over 4 years builders kept locking up the land and then asking for money off the price prior to closing. Through the RealQuickly Team we were able to create a competitive environment and a backup offer which allowed us to get a contract in 60 days over the holidays and close in an additional 60 days without incident. The Seller’s feel no other company or team would have been able to create such a competitive offer timeline and such a great result. We agree our team and method is second to none.

Seller's: Lara & Chris Seidel

Result: A strategically created competitive offer environment proved successful and profitable for these sellers after years of getting the runaround from developers.

Seller's: Jeffrey & Debra Long
​​​​​​​CEO of a Large Multi-National Company

Result: An accelerated sales price at a higher net price with less contingencies and more certainty of closing quickly.

9722 Meadow Ridge Lane


Final Sales Price

This incredible and unique home was on and off the market for over 5 years and failed to sell. The Seller's were with multiple top agents and firms throughout the area using traditional methods of marketing and listing the home. The seller’s carrying costs were 10k a month including mortgage, taxes, insurance and maintenance costing them approximately $600,000 in holding costs. Using the RealQuickly Method of a timed sale the Seller's increased the exposure to more buyers and providing a below market list price with a 100% price guarantee the seller’s sold the home in 46 days for a price they were thrilled with. They sold the home for $587,500 over the list price.

9700 Meadow Ridge Lane


Final Sales Price

This 10,000 SF home had been listed by top agents using traditional methods for over 3 years with little showing activity and no offers. The RealQuickly Method allowed us to expose it to over 30 prospective Buyers in a preview showing weekend and with multiple offers we were able to sell the home in just 40 days and for $325,000 over the list price. The seller and had already moved out of state was thrilled, relieved and determined to sell it. They felt this process was the most effective way to get the home sold.

Seller's: Brian & Buffy Kraft

Result: A timely, hassle-free sale for an out of state seller that yielded a "better than expected" sales price.

RealQuickly is a proprietary sales method and marketing plan. Our method provides efficiency, transparency and speed to assist both buyers and sellers in detemining the fair market value of a property.

RealQuickly is Real Estate Sold Quickly.

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Seller Process

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The RealQuickly Process for Seller's

Step 1: Meet and determine if the RealQuickly sales method would be a good solution for you home sale.

Step 2: You decide this proven method is the best choice in the industry for you.

Step 2: You decide this proven method is the best choice in the industry for you.

Step 3: Conduct the pre-list inspection, appraisal & staging consultation.

Step 4: Collect and organize all necessary due diligence items and documents.

Examples include: preliminary title work, blue prints, 12 months of utility bills, spare keys for showings, surveys, prior appraisals, HOA documents, septic inspections and transfer certificates, well permit information, warranties and manuals, etc...

Step 5: Make any repairs and improvements or determine an acceptable credit for needed home repairs.

Top tip- Knowing what repairs may be requested prior to listing the home gives you the upper hand.

Step 6: Schedule staging. professional listing photos, floor plans, drone footage, and more. Start marketing the home to agents through email, and personal phone calls announcing the home marketing period.

Step 7: Begin the "coming soon" marketing campaign through Compass's national agent network, list on local MLS systems and syndicate to all real estate websites. Including: Zillow, Realtor.com Trulia, 200+ other home search sites.

We target the top 50 agents in your homes geographic area who are working with pre-approved and cash Buyers and announce the new home coming onto the market. We provide email marketing campaigns to agents, broadcast voicemails, and personal calls to provide maximun exposure and urgency to act on your home.

Step 8: Start digital campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn targeting the Buyers most likely to purchase your home and advertising the preview weekend timeline.

Did you know? ​​​​​​​We can target and connect with over 10k potential Buyers in the matter of a week.

Step 9: Begin exclusive private showings, schedule the open preview period and set the offer deadline.

Step 10: Host the weekend preview period and review offers. Accept the best offer for you and move to closing!

Result- Getting your home sold fast while eliminating all of the stress that comes with traditional sales methods.

It's that easy.

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Seller FAQ

Q. What types of homes/clients are right for RealQuickly?

A. Properties valued in excess of $400,000. Buyers are typically all fully approved buyers or cash buyers and Sellers are motivated, non-distressed individuals who seek to obtain a fair market-driven price, quickly.

Q. How long will it take to sell my property?

A. A typical RealQuickly marketing campaign lasts approximately 2-6 weeks. The first 1-5 weeks consist of the promotional and exposure period. Bidding commences in the final week. After the bidding period closes the buyer has typically 30 days to close on the property.

Q. How is my property marketed?

A. RealQuickly offers a variety of customized marketing channels and processes to market and advertise your property. No matter what your needs, our marketing plans can offer you a solution that will create excitement and urgency for buyers. Call us for details.

Q. How can I be assured my home will sell for an acceptable price?

A. You set a minimum acceptable price that ensures the property will not sell if that price has not been achieved. However, online home sales with a lower initial price in relation to the value of the property, creates more bids which can drive up the price of your property.

Q. What are the terms of sale?

A. RealQuickly has standard terms and conditions for Buyers. The buyer is purchasing a pre-inspected and as-is property. The earnest money will be collected at the end of the bidding process and held in escrow, at the Title Company until closing.

Q.How long will it take for my property to close?

A.Closings are typically scheduled to take place within 30 days, unless the seller wishes to specify an alternate closing time in the Terms & Conditions for their sale.

Buyer FAQ

Q. How do I bid on a property?

A. Present an offer to the listing agent on or before the deadline.

Q. Will I need to show proof of funds before I can bid?

A. Yes you will need verification of your ability to purchase the home by either a lender letter or proof of funds of available cash.

Q. How does the bidding/offer process work?

A. Please note that most properties have a "predetermined price", the unpublished minimum price a seller is willing to accept. The seller reserves the right to accept bids below the reserve. Although the predetermined price is the ideal price a seller wishes to get for their property, it is not set in stone. If you are the highest bidder when the bid process closes and you have not reached the seller's price, you may receive a call from our team for your highest and best offer. Your Highest and Best offer should be the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the property. Bidders are encouraged to do their due diligence before placing offers. The seller reserves the right to counter and begin negotiation to reach a mutually agreeable price. The contract process begins upon seller approval of the offer.

Q Can I bid on multiple properties at once?

A. Yes, you can bid on multiple properties at once. If an offer is accepted, you cannot make additional bids.

Q. I was the winning bidder. What happens next?

A. All winning bids are subject to the Seller’s review. The Seller may accept, counter or reject your bid. If you have hit the Seller’s minimum acceptable price, you will get a Colorado Contract to Buy and Sell, and move to closing. 

Q. Is there an inspection period?

A. Yes, although we strongly encourage all inspections to be completed prior to bidding on a home, just in case, you do have 14 days to complete all inspection and loan approval requirements. * Pre-Auction offers are reviewed in the order they are received prior to the bidding period.

Seller Closing Process

Q. How long will it take for my property to close?

A. Closings are typically scheduled to take place within 30 days, unless the sellers wish to specify alternate closing times in the Terms & Conditions for their auction.

Q. What documents do I need for closing?

A. The title company and/or closing attorney will provide any documents necessary for the closing process.

Q. When do I need to move out of my home?

A. We Suggest moving out 1-3 days prior to closing in order to make sure the house is completely cleared out and thoroughly cleaned.

Q. What does the inspection period consist of?

A. The inspection period lasts for 14 days and allows the buyer to perform an inspection on the property, review all due diligence documents and request pertinent repairs to be made before closing. All parties will then come to an agreement on what repairs will be done before closing.

Q. When Will I Get Paid?

A. Once the title company has completed the closing process and the buyers lender has released the fund then the title company will either provide you with a cashiers check for your proceeds or wire them to your bank.

Q. Where Will The Closing Take Place?

A. "The closing will take place at the nearest title company to the properties location. It is also possible to have a mobile notary perform the closing remotely at work or home.

Q. When Will I Need to Handover Possession?

A. Possession is typically given at the conclusion of the closing unless specified in the purchase contract.

Buyer Closing Process

Q. What is the earnest money deposit?

A. The earnest money deposit is the amount due within 72 hours after the final bid has closed. This money will be held in a non-interest bearing escrow account until closing. 

Q. How do I submit the earnest money deposit?

A. After bidding concludes, the listing agent will connect you with the title company who will provide a physical address for delivery or you may wire transfer the required earnest money deposit. The contract will also contain the information for the Escrow Agent and who will be holding funds.

Q. What is the Buyer's Premium?

A. The Buyer’s Premium is an amount that is added onto the highest bid to arrive at the total contract price for the property. For example the final highest bid was $400,000 (3% bidding Buyer’s Premium) your final contract price will be $412,000 (this can be financed) and will be what you get a loan on if applicable, just like any home purchase. It covers the buyer agent commission, if the seller is not paying for it.

Q. What if I can't preview a home in the specified times?

A. No problem! Just contact the listing agent to schedule a time to preview outside the normally scheduled times.

Q. Will I have access to due diligence?

A. Yes, you will be able to access due diligence. (Blueprints, manuals, warranties, surveys, inspections, etc..)

Q. What documents will I need to complete for closing?

A. The title company will provide any documents necessary for the closing process.

Q. When can I take possession of my new property?

A. You may take possession of the property any time after closing.

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