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Tips for the finding the right home.

Buy A Home In The Boulder-Denver Area

We understand the importance of having a trusted adviser help you make one of the largest single investments of your life.  We take our responsibilities serious when it comes to assisting you in buying the right home at the right price. We pride ourselves on offering sound advice based on experience and knowledge of our local market and community. We consider ourselves your advocate and partner and approach each client with genuine care and respect. 

We often work hard to find homes that are not on the market yet or unlisted in the MLS. We go well beyond just those properties anyone could find on a public real estate website.  Call us today to find out how we can help you find that great home you’ve been looking for.

Buyer Support Services Include:

  • Active listening to completely understand your buying needs
  • Detailed communication throughout each stage of the home-buying process
  • Proactive approach to finding unlisted properties
  • Personal service provided by only working with a small client base
  • Proven negotiating strategies
  • Market education and guidance
  • Finding REO and Notice of Defaults when applicable
  • Closing
  • Contract Management

Buyer's Guide

One of the most exciting aspects of buying a home is looking at different properties in your price range and seeing houses of all sizes, conditions, and styles. This process is the best real estate education of all.

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