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What I'm Offering...

Who am I and what can I do for you and your employees?

  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Over 100 years of combined industry experience on our team, over a decade in the health and pension industry
  • Provide prudent consultation to employees
  • Educate via a seminar series to improve financial well-being of employees
  • On-site consultation
  • Pre-screened bundle services
  • A widely accepted corporate financial, real estate & mortgage voluntary benefits plan

Why does RealQuickly exist, and what problem does it solve?

As a realtor for over 20 years I have witnessed firsthand the lending industry and real estate professionals continually get individuals and families into homes that long-term will adversely affect their ability to create wealth, reduce debt, and have proper safeguards in place against major catastrophic financial events.

Typically lenders will approve Buyers to the maximum price limit (similar to buying a car, how much can you afford), based on underwriting guidelines and not an individual's personal comfort level or budget. This is heightened by the fact that Colorado Employees incomes are typically around the US national average roughly $50,000, while housing costs are 28% above the national average for monthly expenses. This causes incredible stress for individuals and employees to cut out other very essential expenses

We believe in the old adage or the carpenters rule “measure twice and cut once”. If we can help educate your employees on all aspects of prudent financial management including RESPONSIBLE HOME OWNERSHIP we can create a winning financial game plan. Since a mortgage for an individual is many times the largest single budget expenditure this allows employees to feel more in control of their money. Rea Quickly Financial Wellness and Responsible Relocations Services helps each employee put an individual financial blueprint together to succeed financially in all areas of their lives and thus lower stress in their lives.

​​​​​​​Financial clarity and education creates confidence and certainty that tomorrow will be better than today. Resulting in happier, more productive employees….

How do we solve the issue of financial stress and loss of productivity in the workplace?

The RealQuickly Team has aligned with Dave Ramsey to bring financial education, coaching and systems that have helped more than 6 million people to take control of their financial futures and have a concrete plan to make sure their outlook for tomorrow is bright. This proven plan and methodology will allow us to help employees RealQuickly assess, plan and move toward a better life and increased workplace productivity.

Why does my company need this program?

Some facts about your employees and associates that might surprise you

70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. - The Wall Street Journal 2021

60% of Americans do not have a budget to track expenses. - National Financial Literacy Survey 2021

71% said they’d find it difficult to meet their financial obligations if their paycheck were delayed just one week. - American Payroll Association 2018

The average consumer has 4 credit cards and $15,799 in household credit card debt. - Consumer Reports 2019

774,940 people filed for bankruptcy in the United States in 2019. - National Center for Education Statistics

The average American retired with just $65,000 in 2019. - The US Census Bureau

The average student loan borrowed in 2020 was $37,172 with an average monthly payment of $393. - The US Census Bureau

What this means for you as an employer… You are losing money everyday

Job stress is estimated to cost American industry $300 billion annually or $602 per worker per year

Wellness Council of America 2019

Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) of Fidelity’s 401k accounts have loans against them

Fidelity Investments Survey 2020

A lack of financial education for workers is “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue”

Cambridge Human Resource Group 2011

45% of employees experiencing financial setbacks have been distracted at work by money problems 2021

Financially stressed employees can stress a company’s bottom line

Problem: 92% of employees are losing sleep due to financial worries

Worries: Presenteeism- employees are showing up for work, but are more worried about their financial issues than they are about getting their jobs done

Fears: Absenteeism- employee absence accounts for the equivalent of 35% of base payroll

Bottom Line: The average worker spends 16 hours a month, or 10% of a 40-hour work week, on non-work related issues due to financial concerns

What are others doing about it?

83% of 450 HR Professionals surveyed said they are considering providing employees with educational literature and/or workshops by local specialists.

Employers Need Financial Wellness in the Workplace

  • A recent study by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation cited that 4 hours of every work week is used by an employee on personal financial issues.
  • ​​​​​​​To an employer with only 150 employees, that equates to a loss of approximately $750,000 per year (assuming an annual salary of $50,000 per employee)

The RealQuickly Financial Wellness Team is not only beneficial to employees, but employers as well.

What Next?

Each program is tailored for your employees

Step 1

Spend 10 minutes with Kevin’s team to see how strong the need is for Financial Wellness at your organization.

Step 2

Participate in an online demo of the RQ Financial Wellness Program so your group can see our program in action

Step 3

We conduct an hour session for your employees for a minimum of 20 participants. Otherwise we do a zoom call with several groups.

Step 4

Get feedback and tailor ongoing follow-up and communications to fit your company’s needs.

This is the future of benefits

  • Financial education programs can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the company’s bottom line each year. The ROI generally has a minimum return of 3:1. Even in the first year of the program, employers can expect to experience a sizeable ROI, with savings up to $2,000/employee for a typical investment of $250/employee.*

-Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation

  • Adding a financial component to your corporate wellness initiative can produce an ROI between 3:1 and 18:1.

-Corporate Wellness Magazine

  • Employee Financial education programs can potentially bring first year savings of $400 per employee to employers, with an ROI estimated at 3 to 1.


But wait, that’s not all your employees get from the program...

  • The RealQuickly Team will provide 5-star service provided by a real estate team ranked in the top 1% of agents nationwide. We are an award winning team with over 100 5-star reviews on Zillow and Google.

  • Employees will receive a 25% credit at the closing off the gross commission paid to us either for a home sale or a purchase of a home / investment property given to them at closing. These discounts are not available to non-RealQuickly Relocation Services individuals.

  • For example an employee is selling their home for $500,000 and buying a home for $800,000. The savings to your employee off our typical fees (or industry average fees) would be $9,100.

  • The average sales price for Boulder County is $625,000 making the average credit back to an employee $4,375.

Do you think your employees would be happy receiving a check for $9,100 just for working here? Heck yes!

Now assume you have 5% of your employees moving per year. How much savings can we create for your employees to use this money to pay off debt, put into retirement, or a college fund?

The RealQuickly Responsible Relocation Support Team

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