Unveiling Home Equity Trends: Past, Present, and Future

Explore the real story behind home equity figures.

Today, let's dive into the topic of home equity and understand how recent market trends impact it. You might have heard that home equity fell over the past year, but it's essential to put things into perspective. Let's take a closer look.

Equity is closely tied to home values, and it's true that home prices moderated from the peak we saw during what we fondly call the "unicorn years." However, looking at the bigger picture, we can see a more optimistic outlook. The graph in the video demonstrates the tappable equity in the country since 2005, and the recent steep increases have been truly remarkable.

"It's essential to put things into perspective."

While there might have been a slight dip in equity from the all-time highs, we are still in a fabulous position in terms of home equity and the overall market. Even compared to previous years, the current year boasts remarkable levels of home equity. If you're considering selling, now remains a fantastic opportunity. The trends predict continued equity appreciation for the next few years, making it a favorable time to seize the moment.

Though we might not be at the absolute peak we experienced when interest rates were low and multiple offers were abundant, the current market still offers great potential. The wave of home equity increase has been substantial, and selling now allows you to capitalize on those gains. Whether you're ready to buy, sell, or invest, our experienced team can guide you through the market trends and help you make an informed decision.

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