How To Get a Great Price in Less Time

My phenomenal program can help sellers get more money in less time.


Today I am excited to offer you a free pre-listing consultation over the phone. If you're thinking of selling your home this spring, the easiest way to add more value and get a higher sales price is to update your kitchen, bathrooms, and curb appeal, then fix anything that a buyer may find an issue with at inspection. 

Most buyers don't have the money to make updates once they close because they need to put more money down to keep their payments more reasonable with higher interest rates. Therefore, by adding the updates now, your home is much more appealing, and your chances of getting multiple offers increases. 


"It’s my job to get you a higher price in less time with less hassle."


If you’re interested, just send me a few photos or videos of your home. I'll get a few bids from some of our vetted contractors and designers. Also, the best part of this arrangement is that we'll give you the money for the repairs upfront, which you can repay at closing. Plus, we’ll manage the home remodeling work, so all you have to do is get ready for the most profitable sales price for your home. 

If you're thinking about selling any time this year, let me know, and I'll advise you on specific improvements to make right now. It’s my job to get you a higher price in less time with less hassle, so let me know if I can have the privilege of doing that for you. Call or email me anytime!

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