Do You Know How Much Equity You Really Have?

Many homeowners have a lot of equity in their homes.


Do you know how much equity you currently have in your home? Many people don't, and it may surprise you. About 78% of homeowners have at least 50% equity. 39% of people own their homes free and clear, which is impressive.


When you sell your home, you can transfer the equity of having a current house to the next home you want to purchase. If you're unsure about how much equity you have in the home, ask for a professional equity assessment from me, and I can tell you exactly what you'll be taking from here to the next property.


Many people who want to sell their current house are looking for ranch homes right now, especially if they're planning to retire or downsize. There are some great options currently in the marketplace—great subdivisions with beautiful amenities, community centers, and even clubs where you can get to know a lot of new folks in the community.


Give me a call or send an email. I would love to talk to you about it. If you have someone, maybe a parent, that might need to downsize or have children looking to buy their first house, we can give them a lot of counseling in terms of down payment and what the loan might look like. There are some interesting loan options in the marketplace, even with higher interest rates.

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